Why your small business needs to use Collaborative Technologies!

Collaborative technologies are software’s and websites which allow more than one person to edit and adjust the content at any given time.

Software’s such as Google Docs, Slack, Asana, Zoom and Adobe Connect all come under the umbrella of being a collaborative technology.

There are many others, but the best thing about them, especially during COVID-19 is that they allow teams to complete projects, tasks and objectives without having to be under the same roof.

Collaborative technologies have been around for years, but in the past year, they’ve proved to have kept industries afloat.

As huge corporations turned to multiple person video chat to carry out department meetings to ensure targets were still met even in the height of the health crisis, Zoom’s revenue quadrupled over the course of the pandemic.

But why are collaborative technologies useful for smaller business?

It’s not all just team meetings and databases whole departments can access. Collaborative technologies help you set individual teammates tasks, communicate with one another so that everyone is on the same page and even get the best out of your marketing.

Google Drive


Google Drive lets teams do a number of things. A team can all access spreadsheets, which helps with monitoring stock and budget. Teams can work on a Google Doc together, which allows more than one person to add text to a page – enabling for editing and compiling a well-rounded email for example. Google Drive offers Slides, perfect for creating group presentations before presenting to a team.

Google Drive is an all in one creative and collaborative tool, which works solely online. Your work is saved as you go and it’s accessible anywhere as long as you know your email and password!

Disadvantages of Google Drive

Although Google Drive is a saviour and continues to be for millions around the globe – be vigilant! There have been cases where work has been completely over-written as another person in a team failed to realise they’re scrapping an updated piece of work.

The ability to have more than one user editing at one time does have risks, so, ensure as a company, you’re creating guidelines on how to use Google Drive, with, for example, a 2 person per document limit at any given time, to cancel out the risks.

Google Drive is a fantastic online, real-time collaborative technology which allows teams to work together to get the job done.
Google Drive is a fantastic online, real-time collaborative technology that allows teams to work together to get the job done.



The professional messaging platform with endless features and benefits. Create a chat with everyone in the business, the people in your department, or the people you work closely with every day.

It’s a reliable collaborative tool that helps you get tasks completed quickly. Is someone you need a document from working from home? No problem, ping them an instant message on slack and wipe the sweat from your forehead.

Disadvantages of Slack

Slack is an all-around handy piece of software, although, at just one click away, you could spend the next hour of your day sending memes to your closest colleague. And although this isn’t a bad thing because it’s great to have social time at work, it’s still important to stay on top of targets and be mindful of time management, so you feel stress-free!

Manage this by setting a limit on chats, 20 minutes each and if you’re finding it difficult, just mute the chat while you reach your targets.

Adobe Connect


Adobe Connect is an all-rounder for training, communicating and gathering together as a department. Adobe Connect allows topics to be presented or taught in a classroom type of format. Therefore, it’s ideal for team training. With a chatbox, a whiteboard and audio communication, it’s almost like you’re sat in an actual classroom.

Disadvantages of Adobe Connect

The ghost of Adobe Connect well and truly looms. Even with their latest updates which have made the platform look modern, the performance can sometimes be a little off, with candidates being kicked out of the room randomly and mic’s not working – although it’s rare, it’s a disadvantage worth acknowledging.

Adobe connect allows individuals to collaborate, learn and discuss topics in a classroom type format.
Adobe Connect allows individuals to collaborate, learn and discuss topics in a classroom-type format.

Mail Chimp


A marketing and email system built for success, Mail Chimp offer marketing tools, audience management features, a content studio for better website design, vibrant templates and a ‘creative assistant’ for custom website designs.

With the ability for automated messages to customers at the highest performing times, Mail Chimp increases your chances of re-sales and manages data for you. Mail Chimp is practical for a company that needs help with organisation and data management.

Disadvantages of Mail Chimp

Although we have suggested Mail Chimp for a smaller business, and we stand by that, you may have to pluck out the most tech-savvy of your team to work out the data side of things, as it’s sometimes described as complicated.

As for pricing, it’s decent, however, the free-trial is quite limiting, as it only allows you to try a number of features they offer, so you can’t really get a well-rounded assumption of how well it will work for your business. All in all, though, it’s a fantastic marketing and communication platform for a business.


Above are 4, fully functional and high-performing software’s which will no doubt benefit your business and enable you to work collaboratively with your team to ensure tasks are completed and revenue is generated even if you’re all not in the same space.

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