How to use Social Media for Business in 2021

3.8 billion people are using social media today. A number which is expected to increase to almost 4.41 billion in 2025.

Social media is essentially free advertising for your business. If you can create and set up social media accounts for your business and start to post successful and consistent social media content which engages your audiences and increases brand recognition, you can start to manipulate social media to benefit your business, acting as another way of gaining new clients and customers.

Using social media for business is a gold mine for reaching new audiences, gaining new clients and improving brand recognition.

Use social media features to communicate

Communicating with your target audience is important because it boosts morale and encourages better relationships with the people you are marketing to to create sales for your business.

It’s important you invest in time spent communicating with your audience via social media. The main reason social media users come to the platforms is because they want to be entertained. So, over everything, ensure you aknoweldge this and entertain your audience rather than just posting sales content.

For example, Instagrams Story features allow you to get on a deeper level with followers. With the ability to post quiz’s, polls and questions, business owners have the never before advantage of hearning directly what their followers want to see more of.

Make it fun. Make sure you’re remembered as an organisation that knows how to use social media not only to make audiences aware of your brand but to build a relationships with potential customers.

Marketing services which improve your social media.
Use social media to improve your digital marketing for business results.

Use hashtags for better engagement

Hashtags allow any social media channel, no matter the number of followers or the advanced the team behind the business, to gain likes and engagement on posts.

With Twitter, have a look at what hashtags and topics are currently trending and try to act fast and in real-time, tweeting on the go relevent Tweets which can be found in the ‘Trending’ section. The more likes you get on your tweets, the better found it is and the platform will deep your account credible and therefore will show your recent Posts further up the top of the feed.

As for Instagram, using hashtags in your feed Posts can earn your Post likes. This is great for again boosting your posts on he feed and gaining an increased following.

Boost your following with a giveaway or incentives

Are you stuck with how to grow your following? Giveaways are a great way to boost your following. Boosting your social media following instantly gives your brand more people to target, who will now see your Posts on their feed.

Collaborate with other businesses in your industry or not, and create a giveaway hamper with products from multiple businesses. This will be an incentive for the businesses because they will each benefit from the followers and a nice amount of publicity from sharing on stories.

Maintain consistent posting

With social media, It’s important you stay consistent. Maintaining a regular pace of posting will mean your posts have better chance of reaching more people, and therefore you’ll recieve more engagements.

If potential customers and clients visit your social media sites and recognize you’ve not posted in a month, they might question whether you’re a reliable organisation.

Keep posting regularly and keep the lengthy sales pitches to a minimum. Make your focus to entertain and encourage engagement.

Video and animation for social media

Audiences are much more likely to engage with your posts on social media if they’re in video or animation form. Standard block text such as statuses and huge captions are not nearly as effective as short videoclips or colourful animation.

Marketing tools which make Social Media Marketing a breeze

There are certain marketing platforms which make posting your business’ updates to social media a breeze. For example, Snizl, a marketing platform built to offer a level playing field for independent business, give business owners the ease and tools to share Posts instantly to several social media platforms. This takes social media out of your hands slightly, so you can focus on running your business.

To conclude…

Social media in 2021 is the face of your brand and company. If your social media looks the part, it’ll give great first impressions to digital window shoppers and therefore will increase the chances of making a sale.

As high street shopping shifts to online shopping, your website and social media especially acts as a store window and a fancy shop display – so, ask yourself, would you walk into a shop if the window display was bare?

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