7 Signs you Need a New Website

We are just over two weeks into 2021 and for business owners looking to see a positive change in growth, we’ve decided to highlight 7 signs it may be time for a completely new or refurbished website.

Does your current website work on desktop but not mobile? Have you noticed a gradual lack of enquiries over the past couple of months/years? Maybe you prefer to give your phone number or Facebook page out because you’re a little embarrassed about how dated your website is.

Not to worry – Read through our list of 7 and if more than 2 relate to you, it may be time to update and renew your website for a better business experience and more sales in the New Year.

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1. You aren’t using video on your website

Video is the future of digital platforms. Digital content sells 5x quicker than text and when business owners took the leap and started using video footage on their website to promote products and services, 76% said video helped increase sales.

95% of people have watched an explainer video to learn more about a product or service. So, if you’ve got a huge chunk of text on your brochure website, and a product or service which takes some explaining, why not switch it to an engaging and modern piece of animation or video, which will allow you to get your point across much quicker, and in a more modern way.

Doing so will help to increase traffic, brand awareness and ultimately, sales. Check out Fiverr’s Video & Animation section, where you can find affordable video and animation content creators.

2. The design of your website is outdated

It’s 2021 and today, 4.66 billion people are using the internet. That means, that to make a good impression, you have to stand out. Take a look at your website, is it dated? Do you have blocky areas which look confusing? Too much text in one area? Colours that contrast badly? It’s time for a re-vamp.

Web designers are highly skilled at taking an old, dated looking website and creating something which looks high-tech, responsive and impressive. Better design and development causes for seamless navigation, meaning it’ll be less likely for customers to drop off your website once they have arrived, increasing the chances of making sales.

If you’d like to talk to a web design expert, contact us, Noisy Elephant. For affordable prices, we can listen to your ideas or share ours with you, and create a website which is a modern, visual representation of your brand today.

3. Your conversion rate is poor

Have you noticed a change in conversions and queries over the past couple of years or months? Maybe you used to get a significant amount from your website but not so much anymore. Well, now is the time to change that.

Conversion rates from websites can become worsened due to your site not being ranked high enough on popular search engines. Therefore, when someone types in your product/service in platforms such as Google or Bing, it’s harder for people to find, as it’s lower down or on the next page. To tackle this, you need to integrate SEO within your website – using keywords within the text and code in order to boost the ranking on search engines.

Confused? Don’t fret. Here at Noisy Elephant, we can guide you through the process of ranking higher on search engines and implement SEO into your website, so that you are found better and can convert more customers.

4. Your website takes a long time to load

Now, this is a success-threatening sign which needs to be dealt with quickly. When your website takes ages to load, whether that’s on mobile or desktop, it could be costing you money in various ways.

Let’s say you’ve just devised an advertising campaign or you’ve put a large workforce (and budget) into a social media marketing campaign, which directs potential customers back to your website, if your website does not load, these potential customers will exit the website quicker than they came on. New research by Google has found that 53% of mobile website visitors will leave if a webpage doesn’t load within three seconds.

You may think three seconds is not a lot of time, but for someone on the move, on the bus or train, or someone who has no prior brand awareness about your business, it’s these 3 seconds which are crucial for your website to load and impress.

Quick load time and a modern website are what could turn 2021 into a successful year for your business.

5. Your site doesn’t optimise well on different devices

Today in society, people browse the web in many different ways. On an Ipad or tablet, on iPods and game consoles. Laptops and desktops and then of course on mobile phones.

It’s absolutely necessary that when creating a website or directing potential customers to your already existing website, it optimises well on a range of devices. You don’t want to run the risk of having your website optimise well on laptops and tablets but look squashed, unresponsive and crashes for mobile – this will cost you customers, and money.

If you’re worried and want to know if your site responds well on different devices, get in contact with us. If you need to optimise your website to work on a range of devices, our development team can do that at an affordable price.

6. You shy away from promoting your website

A businessman or woman should never shy away from their website. Your website should be able to represent your brand and business, containing all relevant pieces of information about what you offer, work done in the past and contact information.

If you are apprehensive about giving out your website to people because it lacks in one of the points above, or if you just don’t feel it’s up to scratch and represents your brand well enough, then it’s definitely time to improve it – so that you can have the confidence to share your website and feel the freedom of using a sit which is the digital home of your brand.

7. It’s been more than 3 years since your last website redesign

For many businesses, a website is the most important tool to attract and convert leads, so i’s important to invest a lot of time into redesigning a website which not only looks trendy but performs as is should do.

Many reputable sources believe that a website should be updated every 2 – 3 years. Updating your website keeps audiences engaged with your brand and will continue producing consistent results.

A company website shouldn’t be about you, it is a tool for users to engage with your brand and what you offer.

Considering the 7 points…

With that in mind, do you think your business shows signs of needing a revamp?

Do you want to make a positive change for your business success in 2021?

It’s time to start.

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